Annie. 18. These are my thoughts.

I apologize if anything is triggering at times. But I do not support depression, suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders in any way.



unless your teachers are abusive assholes there is no fucking reason to disrespect them

they are literally trying their hardest to get you an education

teachers have every right to complain about rude students or the amount of papers they have to grade because their salary is low as shit

oh wow, your math teacher yelled at you because you were ignoring the lesson and talking to your friend

i wonder why

jesus christ teachers have it hard enough dont be an asshole

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I need a friend that would go to different forests and abandoned places with me

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o yea the 90s. the 90s were great. fuckin sick. raw as hell. learning how to speak. crying for no reason. shitting in my diaper

You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.”
— this is really important

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If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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